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Tournament Rules of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The typical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament is divided up into matches between the same belt ranks and weight classes within the belt ranks. The progressive ranks in BJJ are white, blue, purple, brown and finally black belt.

The match begins with competitors standing up on padded mats wearing judo gi's. Competitors attempt to perform a takedown using judo-type throws, footsweeps, tackles, or alternatively, "jumping" up and simultaneously wrapping their legs around their standing opponent to get them quickly into "guard." Once on the ground, they grapple but are allowed to stand up at any time.

Point System for Tournaments
2 points Complete sweep (come over from the bottom position; any technique that turns the fight around).Any takedown or throw (with or without technique).Knee in opponents stomach for 3 seconds (other knee cannot touch ground).
3 points Pass the opponent's guard and clearly end in the chest-to-chestposition (guard position: you are in the opponent's guard when you arekneeling between his legs as he lies on his back).
4 points Mount opponent's stomach (your knees and feet must touch the ground at your opponent's sides). Mounting your opponent's back with your feet hooked in, your stomach is pressed against opponent's back and you have both your feet hooked securely into opponent's hips.
Advantage The advantages, any attempt of a choke, lock or any attack followed by a defense, are used to determine the winner when points are even.

Male Adult 18-29 yrs old
Master 30-35 yrs old
Senior 36 yrs and older

Match Duration
Male Adult Adult Blue Belt - 6 min.
Adult Purple Belt - 7 min.
Adult Brown Belt - 8 min.
Adult Black Belt - 10 min.
Male Master Blue Belt - 5 min.
Blue Belt, Brown & Black Belt - 6 min.
Senior All Belts - 5 min.
Weight Categories
Rooster up to 121.50 lbs
Super Feather 121.51 to 134.50 lbs.
Feather 134.51 to 148.00 lbs.
Light 148.01 to 161.00 lbs.
Middle 161.01 to 174.50 lbs.
Light Heavy 174.51 to 187.50 lbs.
Medium Heavy 187.51 to 201.00 lbs.
Heavy 201.01 to 214.00 lbs.
Super Heavy over 214.01 lbs.
Open Class Open Class